Habibs Academy

The oldest school Of hairstyling or the study of cosmetology in India was inaugurated in the year 1998 By the person who Built an empire “Mr Habib Ahmed” With succession of his establishment of Brand HABIBS He wanted to share his Expertise knowledge to all the minority people who were not seen in a respectable manner in the society.

His 3 Pillars :

  • Jawed Habib
  • Parvesz Habib
  • Amjad Habib

Gave him a hand in putting up a small set up that did wonders in development of the people who wanted to go forward in this field of art.

The French way of cutting and chemical knowledge gave the institution a boost. Unemployed people become knowledgeable and and stand out of the crowd in their field of hair and care range.

Been almost 25 years to the beautiful journey, you will still find Senior Habib having a personal attachment and attention to more than 5,00,000 students and still counting.

Not only that the Development of this Hair institution Reached overseas like UAE,US ,UK Nepal. Domestically training and enhancing students in Indian regions like: West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi NCR ,Jaipur, Orissa, Maharashtra.

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